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Take a moment to browse through some of our pictures. You are sure to make memories when you stay at the Eby Farm Bed and Breakfast! Please note that we have two picture galleries. Scroll down to see pictures of our recent barn fire and subsequent Amish barn raising.

What to Expect When Visiting the Eby Farm Bed and Breakfast

Garden with gazebo at the Cape Cod house.


Little goats and little boys like to explore.

Getting a lick from the calves.

View from the front porch of the Cape Cod.

Porch swing and gazebo.

The dairy barn was built in 1972. Mel is holding six-month-old Michael.

Looking at the back of the Cape Cod.

The covered bridge adjoins the property.

Eating breakfast with guests.

Two-person Jacuzzi at Cape Cod.

Joyce serving breakfast.

Kid paradise playhouse.


Mel, Mike, and Jackson with a toy tractor.

Melody room at Cape Cod.

Room 1 at Cape Cod.

Room 2 at Cape Cod.



Photos of Our Own Amish Barn Raising

An arsonist started a fire in the 1760 barn on the Eby farm on October 18, 2005.

Mel, Matt, and Mike watch the barn burn in the middle of the night while firefighters scramble to save surrounding buildings.

After days of work, the barn is finally emptied of rubble and burnt timbers.

The Amish start the barn raising by carrying some large beams into the barn.

Amish carpenters work at securing the timbers.


No ladders needed here.

Amish workmen lower a large beam into place.

Creating the barn peak.

Looking up at the new barn roof.

The barn skeleton is complete.

Finally the barn is finished.

Mike and Lynette's kids sitting on a stone wall in front of the newly completed barn.