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Cape Cod House

Covered Bridge Cottage

Do you remember going to your grandfather's or uncle's farm as a child and helping him with his farm work? Our working farm has been in the family for seven generations. Come rekindle your fond memories with your children or grandchildren.

On October 17, 2005, our bank barn, built in 1760, was destroyed by an arsonist. In the weeks following the fire, our community helped us recover from this devastating tragedy. Our barn is now restored, thanks to the help of many family and friends.

For the story of our Amish barn raising click here.

In the heart of the Dutch
when you're touring and such
and you're needing a place to rest
there's a rendezvous
just suited for you
where you're welcome to make your nest.

Come take a stroll
where you needn't pay toll
'neath the quaint old covered bridge
it's one of the few
still standing in view
to portray our heritage.

If you find yourself wishing
to relax and go fishing
here's just the spot for you
the Pequea creek twines
through our meadow it winds
and affords a lovely view.


You may just want to rest
enjoy life at it's best
from our spacious shady lawn
where birds love to sing
and breakfast bells ring
and worries and cares are withdrawn.

Twelve months of the year
both homes render cheer
to adult and children too
our goal is sincere
to make your stay here
a memory you'll want to renew.